Why hire a company to install my Christmas lights?

There are a lot advantages when hiring a professional lighting company such as Illuminating Team which include

  1. Custom lighting design for your property
  2. Quick installation
  3. Safety and cleanliness
  4. Proper electrical layout
  5. Hassle free maintenance
  6. Prompt removal and storage
  7. The option of a whole new design for the following season

How much does a basic design cost?

Every property is different, and all designs are customized to meet the clients needs. We offer free estimates to come up with a custom design and pricing.

When is a good time to book my holiday lighting installation?

We recommend reaching out to us as early as September and October. Early planning guarantees early timely installation.

Do I have to keep the same design for next season?

No, you may change your design from year to year without having to purchase, prepare, install, maintain, remove and store the lighting.

Do I need to purchase the lights and the decorations?

No, no need to purchase, we make it easy for you to change your design from season to season and save you on storage space.

Do you do Hanukkah Lighting?

Yes, we have lighting available for different holidays throughout the year.

Can the rain be the cause of my lights not turning on?

Yes, most properties have GFI power outlets which trigger when they detect moisture or water as a safety precaution. When this happens the button on the GFI outlet needs to be reset when the connections are dry, usually within a few hours.

Why are some of my lights turning off and on and different times?

This may be caused by the timers being slightly off (not synchronized) or recent power outages. This is also more common in mechanical timers or photocell timers.